asked questions

  • How do I get started?

    Request an appointment or give us a call at 214.823.2511 to schedule! Once you're scheduled, you're set! Please bring a picture ID and your medical insurance, if applicable, to the appointment. If you'd like to save time in our office, please fill out our forms beforehand: drericaperez.com/online-form and bring them with you to the appointment.

  • How much does it cost?

    We know your time and money are valuable, we do our best to keep each appointment as effective and affordable as possible. Your first visit consult is at no charge, each case and insurance are different so the cost of the remainder of the visit varies but we promise to let you know what the cost will be prior to doing anything. We work with everyone!

  • Are X-Rays required?

    Yes. Not to look is to guess, and we will never guess about your health.

  • Do you accept insurance?

    Yes, we accept most insurance plans. We are here to help you with paperwork and ensure you get maximum coverage.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    In order to respect the schedules of other patients and our office, we request that you provide as much notice as possible with any appointment time changes. We also ask that you do your best to be on time and contact us if you know you are running late.

  • How long do appointments take?

    Please allot about 25 minutes for your initial visit, feel free to fill out our online forms to save time in our office! Follow up appointments usually take under 10 minutes. We are highly efficient and don't want to waste your time.

  • Will I feel sore after an adjustment?

    It's possible you will feel soreness after an adjustment. Many people come into our office with conditions that have been progressively worsening, the sooner you begin treatment the less soreness you may experience, if any at all.

  • When can I expect to feel better?

    Every patient is different. Many are fast responders and improve in the first few visits, others may take longer.

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