low back pain

    Routine chiropractic adjustments will aid with low back pain by reducing joint restrictions in the lumbar spine to lessen inflammation, increase joint mobility, and improve nervous system. By improving function of the affected joint and nervous system, your body will have the ability to better manage symptoms like low back pain and develop better spine health.


    upper back pain

    Upper back pain and irritation occurs when there is misalignment in the spine caused by improper posture and/or injury or strain of muscles, discs, or ligaments. Chiropractic adjustments will correct the misalignment of the thoracic spine and swelling of your nerves and muscles that cause pain and discomfort.


    mid back pain

    Midback pain and discomfort arises when there is misalignment in the spine possibly caused by improper posture, muscle strain, injury to muscles, discs, or ligaments. Adjustments will correct the misalignment of the thoracic spine and possible swelling of your nerves and muscles that cause pain and aches.


    neck pain

    Gentle chiropractic adjustments will loosen up joints in your cervical spine, this will improve any neck pain and possible radiating pain to the shoulders or even hands and fingers. An adjustment works to improve mobility and increase range of motion to reduce soreness and stiffness.


    headaches and migraines

    Subtle chiropractic adjustments correct the cause of migraines originating in your neck as well as provide relief to symptoms such as light and noise intolerance, neck stiffness, and throbbing or regional head pain.



    Many hormonal and physical changes occur during pregnancy, these changes can impact your posture and lead to misalignment in the spine. Consistent chiropractic adjustments will help you in maintain a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, relieve pain, and aid in the labor and delivery process.


    sciatic nerve pain

    Sciatic nerve pain usually begins in the lower back and travels down to hips, legs, or glutes due to swelling or compression of the sciatic nerve. Regular chiropractic adjustments will take the pressure off the nerve to reduce shooting pain, numbness, and/or dull aching.



    Allergies mainly occur when there are interruptions in communication between the brain and spinal cord. An adjustment will restore contact and open pathways of communication to reduce allergic and asthmatic symptoms.



    Knee pain is a common symptom of misalignment of the hips which puts more pressure on one side of the body over the other, pain may also occur due to a sports injury, “runners knee”, etc. Chiropractic care focuses of reducing inflammation and starting the healing process. A knee adjustment will increase range of motion, diminish pain, and loosen up tight muscles and ligaments.



    Symptoms of vertigo develop when there is irritation to the nerves between the brain and spinal cord caused by misalignment in the upper cervical vertebrae. Reestablishing nerve travel through chiropractic adjustments will help dizziness, nausea, hearing loss, tinnitus, and other vertigo symptoms subside.



    Regular chiropractic treatments will help with scoliosis discomfort and pain. Seeing a chiropractor will also help diminish or halt further degeneration and help stabilize the curvature in the spine.


    digestive issues

    Misalignment in the thoracic and lumbar spine can prevent proper digestion, getting spinal manipulations will help symptoms improve and restore the function of your digestive system.



    Arthritis is defined as painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Upon beginning chiropractic care, you will notice an improvement of range of motion and overall movement. Consistent chiropractic manipulations will assist in diminishing pain as well as reducing fluid build up in the affected joints.



    TMJ can present symptoms such as jaw pain and/or trouble opening your mouth which may be a result of jaw joint and muscle problems. A gentle chiropractic adjustment will help realign the highest bones in the neck to reduce nerve interference and improve pain in your jaw joint.


    for kids

    The primary goal of chiropractic care for kids and infants is to support a thriving and healthy life.

    A growing number of parents are seeking alternative, natural forms of health care for themselves and their children. Many of them are finding that gentle, holistic chiropractic care is the best alternative for themselves and their children as well.

    Many of us have felt the need for Chiropractic care after an accident or a period of repeated stress. Have you ever considered the stress placed on an infant’s spine during birth? Chiropractors have discovered that many infants are born with spinal misalignments sustained during birth. If left untreated, these misalignments can lead to health issues in infancy and throughout a child’s development.

    Chiropractic can help kids with:

    Ear infections • ADHD • Colic • Acid reflux • Constipation


    for car accident

    Whiplash injuries occur when automobiles collide and a person is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. Car accident whiplash is a major problem, it leads to severe damage to muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments of the spine, which in turn changes the natural healthy curvature of the spine.

    Those involved in car accidents should not let the absence of symptoms or pain to keep them from seeing a medical professional for a complete examination. Most whiplash symptoms can be immediate, however, some people experience delayed symptoms.

    Gentle and effective chiropractic care will allow your body to be rehabilitated back to pre-accident status.

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